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Kids Cooking Camp - Four Part Series   9am-11am
Four day series featuring international flavors, Ages 10 to 12, 9am to 11am
Monday, 06/26/17
Instructor: Denis Chiappa
The goal of this four day series of hands-on classes is to teach kids fundamental techniques needed to prepare a variety of basic meals. Along the way we stress kitchen safety and the proper use of and care of cooking tools. Each class will begin with instruction on the recipes being prepared included understanding the ingredients, measurements and procedure. Participants then prepare the items listed in each class with the guidance and supervision of instructors. The menus are designed to stress fresh ingredients and kid-friendly flavors. As the class progress the kids get to eat the dishes they prepared and ask questions. Classes run 2 hours, ages 10 to 12.

Part 1: Italian (Monday, June 26th)
Our first session begins with the most popular type of ethnic cuisine eaten in America - Italian. We'll make classic Neapolitan pizza, a fresh pasta dish and a chicken entree.

Part 2: French (Tuesday, June 27th)
Many believe that modern cooking began in France. Learning traditional French techniques allows kids to make many different dishes. We'll focus on less fussy, country fare with a great seasonal menu.

Part 3: Mexico (Wednesday, June 28th)
There are so many great dishes that take advantage of the flavors of Mexico. We'll focus on more authentic dishes that use fresh, healthy ingredients.

Part 4: American (Thursday, June 29th)
The series concludes with some home cooking stressing some of the fresh, local ingredients. From a healthy garden salad to homemade apple pie, this class offers a menu the whole family will love.
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