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Doylestown Day Demonstration Classes:

If night classes don't work with your schedule, join us for a day class.

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Private Event   12pm
This time is currently reserved for a private event.
Thursday, 09/21/17
Instructor: Denis Chiappa
In addition to our regular schedule of events, Carlow Cookery is available for private events. They can be held at the store in our comfortable demonstration studio or we'll take the class to you. Our classes are the perfect setting for neighborhood get-togethers, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, team-building events or fundraisers. Our kitchen is a comfortable space that allows participants to socialize, enjoy the food prepared and learn more about the art of cooking. Home parties allow to relax in the comfort of your kitchen. We bring in all the necessary supplies and leave a clean space behind. Please call the store at 215-489-2677 or email us at if there are any questions or to book an event.
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Culinary Skills Series (Hands-on)   10am
Five part series of hands-on classes for home cooks
Monday, 10/02/17
Instructor: Denis Chiappa
Good cooking is built on a foundation of proper technique and an understanding of some basic principles. Each of the five hands-on segments focuses on a specific category of food and highlights different cooking methods. The goal of our entire skills program is to give participants the confidence to create dishes rather than just follow recipes. Classes begin at 10am and last approximately 2 hours. Series Cost: $295.

Part 1: Knife Skills (Monday, October 2nd)
Even accomplished cooks can benefit from learning proper knife skills. That's why we begin this series of classes with a session on how to properly use and care for your knives. Our goal in this hands-on class is to make you more efficient at prepping the ingredients needed for all different types of recipes. We focus on chopping and slicing an array of vegetables including garlic, onions, celery, carrots, tomatoes and more. In addition, we'll show you how to break down a whole chicken into the common cuts. Practice makes perfect - so you'll get to practice these techniques under the supervision of the instructor. Knives are provided for the class.

Part 2: Stocks, Soups and Vinaigrettes (Monday, October 9th)
In the second part of our series of culinary techniques we cover stocks, soups and vinaigrettes. We've all had pleasure of eating a good bowl of soup and while it's not difficult to prepare it does require proper technique to achieve the right texture and flavor. As for stocks, they are the backbone of so many great dishes you can make. We'll start with those and then teach you how to turn them into rich vegetable and meat soups. We will also cover how to make a classic vinaigrette and how to turn it in to countless variations. Menu: Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup with Pecorino Croutons; Soup au Pistou (French Vegetable Soup with Herb Pistou) Mixed Green Salad with Roasted Almonds, Manchego Cheese, Chorizo and Sherry-Orange Vinaigrette

Part 3: Braising, Steaming and Poaching (Monday, October 16th)
Part three of our series focuses on three techniques of cooking with liquid. This method of cooking covered in this can produce some of the most satisfying dishes a home cook can make as well as some of the lightest. First, we'll show you the proper way to use braising to make tough cuts of meat tender. We'll then poach fish to perfection and serve it with nice sauce. Last but not least, we'll steam fish for a healthy main course. By varying the ingredients you'll have a wide variety of dishes at the tip of your fingers. Menu: White Wine Braised Pork Shoulder with Fennel, Onions and Mashed Potatoes; Beer Poached Shrimp with Cajun Spices and Mustard-Lime Aioli; Steamed Fish with Spicy Ginger Lime Vinaigrette and Jasmine Rice

Part 4: Sauteing and Pan Sauces (Monday, October 23rd)
Part four of our culinary series focuses on one of the most important techniques in the cook's repertoire, sauteing. Sauteing is a classic technique of cooking tender cuts of meat and poultry quickly and at high heat to intensify the flavor. We'll then show you how to use that same pan to build flavorful sauces by adding aromatic ingredients, wine and stock. You'll be cooking like a chef in no time. Menu: Sauteed Steak Medallions with Mushrooms and Red Wine Pan Sauce; Sauteed Salmon with Citrus Beurre Blanc; Sauteed Chicken with a White Wine, Cherry Tomato, Golden Raisin and Pine Nut Pan Sauce

Part 5: Grilling and Sauces (Monday, 30th)
The last part of our culinary skills series focuses on the essential techniques for grilling, with a special focus on grill sauces. We'll cover what types of meat and seafood work best on the grill, how to use marinades and spice rubs to enhance flavor. From there you'll grill a variety of proteins and make sauces that pair perfectly. Menu: BBQ Rubbed Shrimp with Grilled Romesco Sauce; Marinated and Seared Chicken with Fragrant Salsa Chimichurri; Challah Pain Perdue with Pan Roasted Apples and Salted Toffee Sauce
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