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  Kershaw Shun Classic Carving Knife 8 inch $104.99
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Good for chickens, pork loins and small roasts. ...more

  Kershaw Shun Classic 9-inch Bread Knife $127.99
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The serrated edge quickly and easily goes through crusts. ...more

  Kershaw Shun Classic 10-inch Chef's Knife $134.99
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The longer the knife, the efficient you can be. ...more

  Kershaw Shun Classic Carving Fork 6 1/2 inch $124.99
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No more flimsy forks that bend and break. ...more

  Kershaw Shun Classic 7 3/4-inch Chinese Chef's Knife $169.95
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Oriental cleaver great for chopping. ...more

  Kershaw Shun Pro Yanagiba 270mm $142.95
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The tool of Japanese professional chefs. 10 5/8 inch. ...more

  Kershaw Shun Pro Yanagiba 240mm $126.95
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The tool of Japanese professional chefs. 9 1/2 inch. ...more

  Kershaw Shun Pro Nakiri Knife 165mm $124.99
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A great all-purpose prep knife in traditional Japanese style. ...more

  Kershaw Shun Classic Hollow Ground Santoku 7 inch $124.99
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An all-purpose Oriental chef's knife with hollow ground edge. A best seller. ...more

  Kershaw Shun Classic Boning Knife 6 inch $99.99
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The thin, long blade makes boning a snap. ...more

  Kershaw Shun Classic Carving Set - 2 Piece $244.99
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Great gift idea! ...more

  Kershaw Shun Classic Steak Knife Set - 4 piece $279.95
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Serve your steak with style. ...more

  Kershaw Shun Classic Flat Set - 3 Piece $229.99
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Set includes Paring Knife, Utility Knife and Chefs Knife ...more

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